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The construction industry is one of several sectors that can benefit tremendously from invoice finance. No longer is the sub-contractor, or construction company, required to wait for payment before starting on the next phase of a project, or begin construction on a new project.

Construction Invoice Finance

With invoice finance, the sub-contractor or construction firm can realize quick turnaround (often within 24 hours) on accounts receivable due for completed stages of a construction project.

With construction invoice finance, the construction company, or sub-contractor, can be paid virtually overnight for these invoices thus speeding up cash flow and improving the company’s ability to start immediately on the next phase of construction.

The Interface Financial Group is one of the few companies that is willing to provide construction invoice funding. In fact, IFG welcomes construction invoice finance and would love to discuss with you just how easy it is to get the cash you need without any lengthy and aggravating lending process.

“I found working with you very professional and very helpful in stressful situations at times. You have helped us out a lot and made finishing this project possible. I will definitely recommend you to other companies if I think they might need your help.

~Britta Bobka, Financial Controller, Trac Civil


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